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Vision in Action was born through its founder, Pastor Jose Antonio Galván.  In 1995, Pastor Galvan opened the sanctuary for the mentally ill.  The mission began to pick up the mentally ill from the streets of Cd. Juárez and take them to a place where they had a better quality of life by being provided with food, clean clothes, and especially the care, attention, and treatment they deserved.

The altruistic community joined Pastor Galván, embracing the vision and offering support to benefit this population.  Doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, dentists, and volunteers joined this arduous task.  Currently, the sanctuary serves an average of 100 persons monthly. 70% of these were wandering and living in the streets or were abandoned by their families. In 2010, approximately 15% of these individuals were discharged, being reintegrated back into society as functional and productive.

Pastor Jose Antonio Galván 

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