Our pantry is sometimes full and sometimes bare. The ability to feed on average 100 people several meals a day can only come from heaven.


Vision in Action is a private, non-profit, organization dedicated to the care and treatment of people living in the streets with mental disorders.  Our facility provides services to give dignity to the lives of these people.  We are legally constituted and we adhere to the regulations ordered by the Mexico authorities.  We have some access to specialized personnel on mental health for the treatment of people suffering from these disorders.

We are solely dependent upon donations and the sacrificial giving of others. Our ultimate sustenance comes from God who uses ordinary people to help meet the daily needs of the facility.

While the needs run the gamut from paying the electric bill to the construction of additional housing, it can be challenging to cross bulk items from the USA (Santa Teresa, NM port of entry) into Juarez, Mexico. Hence, monetary donations are always a simple and effective way to facilitate the meeting of needs.

TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donations can be made here: https://epcf.org/visioninaction.


For more information on how you can help, contact a volunteer liaison:

Morgan Smith



Art Moreno, Jr.